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About the Journey

One Big World started out as a documentary heavily influenced by the epistemology of Dr. James Burke and his knowledge web. I wanted a better way for students to connect with what I thought was the most interesting of subject (the stories of how we came to be who we are - social studies).

I had returned from teaching in China when I began to write and film the documentary on BC history that had strong links to Chinese immigrants. In writing the story of Victoria, I began to ask myself some of the same questions I hoped my students would ask - "why did they do that"?

It was clear from my research what brought Chinese immigrants to Victoria - but I started digging through my old textbooks to see what was going on in China at the time.

Hence, the Journey is born. Part II takes us back to China.

Part III will bring us to Europe.

Part IV completes the circle back to Canada.

I hope the branches that others make will lead us all on the amazing journey of how we came to be who we are.

Coming Soon... the Journey Part II